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Ilyasov, Roman Bezalel. Descendants of Bezalel

Descendants of Bezalel / Roman Bezalel Ilyasov; Translator from Russian, editor-Elizabeth Cooper. – New York (USA): CreateSpace, 2013. – 96 р. Paperback. 7.10 дол. Text in Russian and English. This book is not only a chronicle about my family, but also a look at the events that have shaped the members of the tribe of Bezalel. This book describes the life of the first Bezalel, the man from whom we are all descended. It also mentions the great Rabbi Bezalel, who is also a descendant of the first Bezalel.

See also RUSSIAN: Ильясов, Роман. Сокровищница рода Бецалель.

Descendants Англ текст
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